Music Courses

The Phoenix Collective offer a variety of training options but they are delighted to announce their first music course;

‘The Holistic Voice’; incorporating Alexander Technique, Vocal Technique, Kodály Musicianship and Gospel Singing with Kathy Hulme, Allan Hubert-Wright, Cyrilla Rowsell and Ken Burton.


Featuring an evening concert by the award-winning London Adventist Chorale.


To book your place for the 30th-31st March 2019 at the Royal Russell School, Croydon, Surrey CR9 5BX, please go to the foot of this page.

Do you...

want to learn the basics of vocal health and technique?

want to avoid vocal fatigue/voice loss at work?

wish you had a richer voice?

want to sing without developing dryness or nodules?

want to learn the difference between a ‘classical sound’ and a ‘gospel sound’?

want to develop your musical skills, knowledge and understanding?

want to learn to sight-sing?

want to improve ensemble singing skills (tuning, intonation, rhythm)?

want to learn more about the gospel singing idiom?

Bringing together the revolutionary ideas of Zoltán Kodály, FM Alexander and TCM functional voice training to give you the physical and aural skills to sing with confidence and power - with a chance to put your new skills to use in a gospel setting with the legendary Ken Burton, director of the award-winning London Adventist Chorale. Please see below.

The Alexander Technique

With Kathy Hulme, learn how the voice cannot exist in isolation – how we stand, sit, move and think affects the voice. Games and activities to help you feel at ease in body and voice.

The Alexander Technique, named after its creator Frederick Matthias Alexander, is an educational process that was created to retrain habitual patterns of movement and posture. Alexander believed that poor habits in posture and movement damaged spatial self-awareness as well as health, and that movement efficiency could support overall physical well-being.

Vocal Production

With Allan Hubert-Wright, learn the basics of vocal health and technique – including the difference between making a ‘classical’ sound and a ‘gospel’ sound.

The human voice consists of sound made by a human being using the vocal tract, such as talking, singing, laughing, crying, screaming, etc. The human voice frequency is specifically a part of human sound production in which the vocal folds are the primary sound source.

Over the course of the two days, we’ll work on the same song in two different styles of vocal production: the ‘classical’ choral sound (for want of a better term) and a basic gospel choir sound. We’ll look at how phrasing, tone onsets, use of breath and the articulators all affect how the sound is perceived by the listener. Participants should go away with some basic tools to enable them to explore different sounds in their own voice.


Day one: The ‘classical’ choral sound colour

• The smooth onset of breath and tone

• The legato line and phrase

• Lip, jaw and tongue positions for two different ‘classical’ sounds

• Vowel and register choices

Day two: The gospel sound colour

• The glottal and creaky onset of breath and tone

• Phrasing and line differences with classical

• Lip, jaw and tongue position differences

• Vowel and register choices for ‘brassiness’

Musicianship & Ear Training

With Cyrilla Rowsell, you will learn to develop your musical ear, knowledge and understanding through singing, using solfa and rhythm names to improve sight-singing skills. The course will include:

Accurate pitching and good intonation


Understanding of scales, intervals and harmony


Musical memory development




The ability to write down music that you hear

Knowledge and understanding of music


Accurate rhythmic reading


Good co-ordination


The ability to sing in parts with good ensemble skills


Improvisation and composition


Musicianship will be available at different levels – the training will be appropriate for all levels of musical experience.

Gospel Singing

Two workshops on gospel singing will be led by the amazing Ken Burton.


Ken, a local boy (ex-Trinity School) is well-known in the choral world.  He appears on Songs of Praise and has been a judge of various televised choral competitions.  He is in demand as a teacher, conductor, workshop leader, arranger and composer in the UK and abroad.  His delightful manner and huge expertise will be appreciated by all and we are delighted to welcome him to the course.

His London Adventist Chorale are an award-winning choir (Ken achieved both 1st and 3rd places in the Sainsbury’s Choir of the Year with the LAC and his Croydon SDA Gospel Choir). They are not only technically accomplished but also sing with a level of passion and commitment that draws their audiences in.   A non-religious member of a recent audience was heard to say, ‘I’m off to church!’ after witnessing one of their performances!

The London Adventist Chorale will be performing an evening concert at St John the Evangelist church in Shirley Church Road, Croydon CR0 5EE on Saturday 30th March.  This concert is free of charge to course participants and will also be open to the public.


For more information about Ken, please visit

For information about the London Adventist Chorale, please visit  

Plan your trip

The course isn't residential but if you require overnight accommodation there is a Premier Inn within walking distance of the venue - Premier Inn Croydon South CR0 5RB.   There are other accommodation options available in Croydon and the surrounding area.


The venue can be accessed by tram (Coombe Lane tram stop) or taxi from East Croydon Station.   We regret that car parking on site is limited.

Book your place

In order to book your place, please click on the course below. This is an Early Bird price and will revert to the full price on 31st January 2019.


Group discounts of five or more people are available; price upon application to Kathy Hulme at


We look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Lucy H Pierce

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