Past Courses

Past Courses

The Holistic Voice

Following the successful completion of every course, we'd like to share  information with you. The Course Content includes a blog by Ron Kelley and an excellent review article by Anne Bradley. Click on the button you're interested in expanding.

We were delighted to receive other wonderful comments about The Holistic Voice course.

'I thoroughly enjoyed every minute -  it was everything I expected and more!' 

'I felt very included on a personal level, and stimulated on a musical level.  And I’m so grateful, THANK YOU!

I’m still buzzing from the weekend...'

'Met such lovely people who I felt I had loads in common with. We were all there for the joy of learning.'

'I skipped into school on Monday morning. It was just the sort of boost I needed.'

'A completely inspirational weekend!'

'The tailoring of the musicianship sessions to the level of the participants. I was very nervous about being not very musical and just a basic choir singer. It was so nice to be in a small group with such a lovely tutor in Liz.'

'Links between sessions were strong and overlapped in the connectionist way that makes you understand on a number of layers, better for long term memory.'

'There isn’t one thing I would want to change about this weekend. I just want to know when the next one is.'

'I had no idea a technical-sounding weekend would result in profound joy and wonder, physical healing and the odd tear. Thank you for an inspirational weekend. More more more!!!'

'A lovely course from The Phoenix Collective.

Great opportunity to learn and grow in a positive and supportive environment.'

'This weekend has taught me new skills, taken me out of my comfort zone and all in such a fun way.

Thank you Cyrilla and team!'

'Whether we remain the ash or become the Phoenix is up to us.'

Ming-Dao Deng