What People Say

What People Say

The Holistic Voice

Following the successful completion of every course, we'd like to share  information with you. The Course Content includes a blog by Ron Kelley and an excellent review article by Anne Bradley. Click on the button you're interested in expanding.

We were delighted to receive other wonderful comments about The Holistic Voice course.

The Holistic Voice

'I thoroughly enjoyed every minute -  it was everything I expected and more!' 

'I felt very included on a personal level, and stimulated on a musical level.  And I’m so grateful, THANK YOU!

I’m still buzzing from the weekend...'

'Met such lovely people who I felt I had loads in common with. We were all there for the joy of learning.'

'I had no idea a technical-sounding weekend would result in profound joy and wonder, physical healing and the odd tear. Thank you for an inspirational weekend. More more more!!!'

'A lovely course from The Phoenix Collective.

Great opportunity to learn and grow in a positive and supportive environment.'

'This weekend has taught me new skills, taken me out of my comfort zone and all in such a fun way.

Thank you Cyrilla and team!'

Music in the Primary Classroom

'I enjoyed every session; it was all relevant, stimulating and helped to generate fresh ideas and inspiration - so useful to my current practice!

'I enjoyed the ability to get stuck into things freely, meaning that we understood how everything would work in a class, how you could develop from simple starting points to cover many aspects.'

'Everyone was so willing to share ideas, thoughts and resources which was great!'

'The 'games' teaching ideas were very appealing and will be so effective to teach - they not only build musicianship but camaraderie in the children working together and having fun.'

Songwriting and A Cappella Arranging with Chris Rupp

'The session with Chris was amazing. He was easy to work with and his insight on my arrangement was spot on - revolutionary to see the music through the eyes of a pro.'

'Thanks for the opportunity of having a guest tutor - I think it's always helpful for students to get many perspectives.'

'Yesterday was great!'

'The kids had a great morning and will remember it for a long time! Every one of them left room 25 yesterday, excited and happy, singing the songs they co-wrote!'

'Whether we remain the ash or become the Phoenix is up to us.'

Ming-Dao Deng